To My Groom Poem

by Ms Moem on March 12, 2011

A bespoke poem commissioned by a Bride “To My Groom”.

Over the years I have written hundreds of bespoke poems for Grooms, from their excited Brides!

Capturing the essence of exactly how you feel in the special time leading up to your wedding, your poem to your groom is like a snapshot of time.

Below I will share a fabulous “To My Groom’ bespoke poem commission I wrote for a wedding date gone by:

Whilst waiting for a taxi outside the Crooked Spire
I had a magic moment that led us to love and desire.
If I’d stood over the road, you’d never have walked my way
And nor would we be celebrating our perfect wedding day.

Fate was on our side, and you escorted me to the door;
You’d also taken my number, which we know now, lead on to more.
Once the two of us had met, I couldn’t wait for what happened next
And I bounced around the living room, when I received your text.

Now six years and a baby later, we are about to say our vows
And I hope you know, I’ve never been as happy as I am right now.
I don’t mind that you don’t do the dishes, and you leave your clothes by the bed
Because I fell for the whole package, and I can’t wait for us to wed.

I’ll be wearing Chanel No.5, along with my very best smile
As I thoroughly intend to ensure, we celebrate our big day in style.
We’ve got a beautiful venue, fabulous guests and all the rest
But I only need us two to be there, for it to be a resounding success.

So I promise that I will be there at 2pm on the dot,
Ready and more than willing for us both to tie the knot.
No-one else on this earth, means more to me than you, Pete;
Thank heavens that we met that day, you make me feel complete!

The Bride gave some great and cheeky facts about her groom and their relationship, and the resulting “To My Groom” poem for their wedding day was a very personal reflection of them both.

You can commission a poem like this for your groom on your wedding day, for £35. Longer poems are an additional £5 per verse.

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