Poem To My Crush

by Ms Moem on March 24, 2011

A bespoke poem commission “to my crush” from an admirer – it’s a wonderfully romantic way of telling someone how you feel about them.

Sometimes, body language can be missed, so as much as you flutter your eyelids or seductively lean your head to one side, the message could be overlooked. Your bespoke poem to your crush prevents the beating around the bush! Words are the way to go!

Today I would like to share this poem I wrote “To My Crush” as a bespoke commission. I really enjoyed writing this!

I want to tell you something, but I actually don’t dare
Life will change forever as soon as you become aware.
I think I have to tell you, and so that is what I am doing!
You are the one my eye is on; the one my heart’s persuing.

As soon as I wake up, my head is filled with you;
The way I feel about you – oh, if only you knew!
I smile and I giggle whenever you are around
And just a glimpse of you stops me feeling down.

I know you are clueless to the way that I feel
And telling you to your face would be quite a big deal.
I wish I could tell you, just to see what you’d do;
I hope and I wish that you’ll feel the same too.

So it’s out in the open; you are officially my crush!
You’re ever so sexy and always make me blush.
I dream of your hands resting gently on my hips
And I long for your passion igniting my willing lips!

The commissioner of this poem wrote back to tell me the feelings they had were reciprocated and the following year, I wrote a poem for their wedding! It all started with this poem and I am so touched to have played a small part in their love story!

I am always so honoured when somebody shares a secret with me, that they would like to have transformed into a poetic work of art. It is a real privilege.

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