A Poem About Waiting

by Ms Moem on January 28, 2015

I don’t mind waiting
So long as it’s coming.
The wallpaper is tatty
The fridge won’t stop humming.
The holiday plans
Are always maybe next year.
But still, I don’t mind waiting.
The time is surely near.

I really don’t mind waiting;
Good things come to those…..
Who needs meals out?
Who needs fancy clothes?
You’ve got more than some
Though more would be a plus.
But still, I don’t mind waiting.
I’ll not make a fuss.

I honestly don’t mind waiting
I’ve already waited so long.
When the hope fades away
You just have to stay strong.
I’m still in the queue
I will just sit and wait.
I’ve been waiting forever
Perhaps I’m too late?

A poem about waiting by Ms Moem.

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