The Starmaker

by Ms Moem on June 6, 2015

The Starmaker paused
On the cusp of the day.
She straightened the sky;
Sent the sun on her way.
She welcomed the moon
And he tipped her his grin.
Only once he was settled
Then she could begin.
With great sweeping motions
And a flick of her wrist,
Her eyes truly sparkled
As stars came exist.
She twirled and she twisted
Until she was spent
Leaving a sprinkle of glitter
Wherever she went.

The Starmaker is a fairytale poem by Ms Moem.


A Poem About The Computer Guy

by Ms Moem on February 28, 2015

My world had just ended.
I wanted to cry.
My bottom lip quivered
Then along came this guy
Like a knight in bright armour;
He would know what to do.
I showed him my computer.
“It crashed. What can I do?”
He tapped on the keyboard.
He stood back and then
He said “Try switching it off,
Then switch it back on again.”

A poem about the computer guy ~ a short piece by Ms Moem.


A Poem About Waiting

January 28, 2015

I don’t mind waiting So long as it’s coming. The wallpaper is tatty The fridge won’t stop humming. The holiday plans Are always maybe next year. But still, I don’t mind waiting. The time is surely near. I really don’t mind waiting; Good things come to those….. Who needs meals out? Who needs fancy clothes? […]

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A Note To The Husband

January 5, 2015

A happy wife is a happy life And to make it even brighter Remember that while you may be right Your wife will always be righter! A Note To The Husband is a short funny poem by Ms Moem.

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A Diamond

January 1, 2015

A token of love A sparkling ring A bright precious metal A stone set within Cut to perfection Its brilliance shines A diamond is forever A gift that transcends time A poem about diamonds.

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A Poem About Thinking About The Future

December 30, 2014

There comes a point in every life Where stock needs to be counted. Are you fulfilling your potential? To what could you have amounted? I thought I might have wanted more But couldn’t pin it down. The more I thought, I wasn’t sure, It got me rather down. Days passed by as life goes on, […]

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A Poem For A Friend

December 28, 2014

I feel so very lucky To have a friend like you. I know you will be there for me No matter what I do. You’re wonderful company. You’re honest and kind. You’re supportive & generous And always give me your time. I hope that you know You can rely on me too! Thank you for […]

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A Poem About Getting Over Someone / Something

December 25, 2014

They told me I’d get through it. They told me it would ease. They told me I would stand again; That life would unbuckle my knees. I doubted every syllable. I’d heard it all before. Things that once made perfect sense Just didn’t anymore. But then one day I saw it; A tiny sliver of […]

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A Poem About Being A Mother

October 4, 2013

Becoming a mother’s a wonderful thing A baby’s a gift; their own love they bring. It’s a marvellous time, it really is neat But some other things happen that aren’t quite so sweet. Your figure is altered, re-moulded & softened Time with the washing machine becomes urgent and often. Your brain becomes addled as your […]

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Wasted Life

January 13, 2013

A child strode a lonely path; She saw no hope or prayer. And all around her shoulders fell A mass of fiery hair. The hand of time did come to stop. She felt she would be free. If only she had seen the light; Seen what we could see. Talents long remembered But she could […]

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