A Poem About Being A Mother

by Ms Moem on October 4, 2013

Becoming a mother’s a wonderful thing
A baby’s a gift; their own love they bring.
It’s a marvellous time, it really is neat
But some other things happen that aren’t quite so sweet.

Your figure is altered, re-moulded & softened
Time with the washing machine becomes urgent and often.
Your brain becomes addled as your womb swells with pride
You are being re-programmed, right from the inside.

You develop an instinct straight from Jurassic Park
Like the fire had been built, and had now taken spark.
You could distinguish a cry from hundreds of others;
Transformation complete. You are now primal mother.

Your fears become heightened, so no resting on laurels
It is your job to be teacher, imparting knowledge and morals.
It is your job to guide them, to become compass, and driver
As you yearn for their absolute happiness, with every single fibre.

You’ll end up watching more children’s television than you’d care to admit
So much that you’ll even start to enjoy it a bit.
You’ll find yourself engrossed and so enter the trap
Where you still carry on watching, while baby is taking a nap.

So yes there are changes, embrace one and all
Be poised ready for action, any time your child calls.
And simply do your best, then you won’t go far wrong.
And above all, enjoy each moment, as childhood doesn’t last long.

A Poem About Being A Mother is a poem by Ms Moem.

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