Legacy | A Rhyming Poem About Life After Loss

by Ms Moem on November 18, 2012

This was the first year without your beating heart.
This was the first year since our lives were ripped apart.
Aside from the silence, and the ache in my chest
It’s now time to think of the legacy you left.

Each time I hear Adele, you’re in the whispers of her song
But this is nothing new, as you’ve been there all along.
We used to sing together, and it was harmony in our ears
And as I listen to our songs again, how I wish that you were here.

Each time I boil the kettle, for a coffee, or cup of tea
It’s like, right at that moment, it’s back to when it was you & me.
I can picture you making it, and bringing it through
And I remember the times I’d do the same just for you.

When I’m lost in the moment, and there’s nothing on TV
I flick through the channels and end up on QVC.
You loved seeing new things, and trying new crafts
We’d watch the demonstrations and always have a laugh.

When I’m browsing the high street, now all by myself
I remember you being with me, and looking at every shelf.
You were gruelling to shop with, but I miss it so much
Shopping is not the same, without your motherly touch.

Now the phone never rings, and you’re no longer at the end.
I lost someone with an interest, much more than just a friend.
But you’re in every bright blue sky, and especially at the beach
So really, with your legacy, you’re not quite so out of reach.

Legacy is a poem written by Ms Moem, about life after loss.

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